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Special Rules for MITES

11/01/2015, 11:15am EST
By L.I. Lutheran Basketball

Currently, the only divisions of the LILBL with special rules are the MITES and PEE WEES, and the MITES rules from the constitution are as follows:

Special Mite Division Rules

Division Objectives

This Division is purely instructional, providing the first exposure to individual fundamentals. "Games" will occur on a scrimmage basis during the second half of the season. The primary purpose is to teach children the difficult game of basketball, stressing Christian principles, ensuring that each child has an enjoyable experience. As such, competition, and especially WINNING is not to be stressed. Recognizing that basketball by nature is a competitive game, Christian Sportsmanship must constantly guide all of our actions, especially in a Division where winning will not be stressed.

All coaches, players, and FANS, must fully recognize the fun and instructional nature of this Division. It is the responsibility of each member church to make sure that everyone involved with the Mite Division is informed, and constantly reminded, of this primary fact.

Coach’s Guidelines and Responsibilities

Coaches must avoid a "win-at-all-costs attitude". The coach has primary responsibility for stressing Christian Sportsmanship at all times, to players and fans alike.

Coaches should avoid shouting at players during play, using controlled fundamental instruction instead. To correct repeated or fundamental mistakes, a player should be quietly corrected on the sideline. Time outs should be used freely for instructional purposes. Avoid shouting phrases such as "Get him!". Using catch phrases such as "Defend the ball" or "Play your man" avoid the negative and stress the positive.

Both coaches are responsible for officiating "games" or to provide volunteer officials. Officials should never be questioned. The officials should use calls such as traveling, 3 seconds, and so forth as instructional opportunities for both teams. Rules concerning personal fouls should be applied fully at all times.

Players should receive equal playing time as determined by the number of players present for a game.

Mite "Rules"

NO Pressing. Once a team has lost the ball in the offensive zone all defensive players should immediately drop back to the most logical of the following:


A). 10 feet behind half court;

B). Inside the 3-point-line

C). Behind a supplementary time line (if present).

Games will not be timed and last about 45-60 running time minutes, with unlimited timeouts. Scores should not be kept on a scoreboard. Baskets will be approximately eight (8) feet in height. Free throw should be shot from a position where the player is comfortable in reaching (not making) the basket.

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