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11/01/2015, 11:30am EST
By L.I. Lutheran Basketball
Long Island Lutheran Basketball League
Serving Lutheran youth on Long Island for over 50 years



As a player, coach, cheerleader, or fan: I will . . .

 ·        Remember that sports, and the ability to participate in them, like everything else in life, are gifts from God. 

 ·        Play hard, but fairly, according to the rules of the game. 

 ·        Consider opponents and officials as friends and neighbors, and treat them with due courtesy and respect. 

 ·        Applaud teammates and opponents who make good plays or demonstrate good sportsmanship. 

 ·        Accept the decisions of officials respectfully, recognizing that they have a difficult job and are doing their best to uphold the rules fairly. 

 ·        Win without boasting and lose without excuse or complaint. 

 ·        Never hiss or boo players or officials. 

 ·        Never use profanity, disparaging or offensive comments, or other intimidating actions. 

 ·        Do unto others, as I would have them do unto me. 

 ·        Seek to glorify a gracious God rather than be glorified. 

 ·        Thank and praise God for the gifts of health, talent, and the opportunity to take part in a sport. 

 ·        Celebrate every opportunity to participate in sports as a chance to learn and to grow in Christian maturity. 

 ·        Conduct myself in a manner that is representative of a Christian. 


(To get a 'printable' copy of this Conduct Code, click "About Us / Downloads")

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